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Notes & Tips - Index of this page

* Reinstalling VSK with original Login
* Races against AI Boats - Creating Courses
* Having a Coloured Name
* Autohotkey - fast writing in chat
* MB Ruler - Measuring Angles
* Graphic Settings 
* How to see the Polars & Windshadows
* How do I silence the menu music?
* Cancelling Penalties in online races

* Avatars

Reinstalling Virtual Skipper with original game login

If you have paid for the game and have already created a login with VSK5 or 32nd America's Cup, to reinstall the game, it's best to use the original exe file that you have on DVD or have downloaded.
If you cant find the DVD or downloaded installation files, then you can download the free game version and then add your original paid for login to it.

Select and Download the free game if you still know ...
1. Your original login
2. Your password
3. The email address you used at the time you created the login

Then in the launcher, configure the game to use Multiple Profiles and add your original login as a 'new' profile. This will give you full functionality with your original game identity.

If you have some but not all of the info, then try a mail to Contact@nadeo.com and ask for help, including the info that you do remember.

Races against AI Boats - Creating Courses

How to create Custom Races (for VSK5 and 32nd America's Cup) which include Computer controlled AI boats with which you can race:
Note that you cannot create or edit course maps with the free version of the game (VSK5Online).

Launch vsk5 and click [play].
When 1st menu screen appears, hold right mouse button down.   Then type ‘friends’ while continuing to hold the right mouse button down.
Click [Editors] then [create a race].   Click a Location eg [Isle of Wight] .
Click [Params] -    Beside ‘Rules’, make sure [Fleet Race] is showing, if not – click on it until it does.
Click on [None] beside AI Opponents – it will change to [1] - then click on the [1] until the number you want shows, up to 8.
Click on [Easy] beside ‘AI Level’ it will change to [Intermediate]. More clicks will change this to other levels. Then click [OK].
Make course as usual with at least 9 players. Save it with unique name.
Note that if you click on [Play] on this screen, you will not see the AI opponents.
Click on [Exit], then [Yes].  Go back to the Race menu & click [Solo].
Click [Custom Race] and find your saved race (usually it’s in Challenges unless you've made a new folder for it).
Click on the Race and then [OK] in the race menu box and you should now be on the start line with your AI Opponents.

It helps make the AI races more competitive if you play in Arcade mode, which gives a boost in speed to any boats which are behind (10% I think).   If you are designing courses yourself, make sure you remember that the AI boats cant 'see' land or traffic and make sure you provide enough buoys to guide them around these obstacles.   It helps to space out the starting spawn points so that all the boats don't arrive at the 1st buoy at the same time.

There is a pdf file with a series of screenshots as a tutorial here : Solo Mode Adversaries.pdf

Having a Coloured Name

Go to the Settings page in VSK5 and place the cursor just in front of your Nickname.   Type $02F in front of your nickname and then click the mouse anywhere else on the screen.   You will see that your nickname is now blue.   This method can be used to change the colour and format of your name, not only on your PC but also as seen by others in the Multiplayer lists online.

Use the following codes to format your nickname:
$i: italic
$s: shadowed
$w: wide spacing
$n: narrow spacing
$m: normal setting
$g: default color
$t: changes the text to capitals
$z: reset all
$$: to write a "$"

Use the following codes to control the colour.
The three characters after the $ each have the ability to have a value from 0 to f (0123456789abcdef).
The first character represents the red color, the second green and the third blue.
For example:
$000   black
$f00   red
$0f0   green
$00f   blue
$ff0    yellow
$f80   orange
$f0f    pink
$0ff    light blue
$888   grey
$fff     white

For example, to write 'My Nickname' with "My" in italic and "Nickname" in large red, you should type $iMy $z$w$f00Nickname
This will produce  MyNickname

You can see examples of the colours and a list of their Hex Codes (with an explanation of how to use them), by clicking Here

MB Ruler - measuring angles

needSometimes it's useful to be able to measure the angles on a map - to check the direction to the top mark, for example. MB Ruler is a free tool that lets you do this. Click the image to see how it looks. You can go to the MB Ruler home page to download it ->HERE<-

Autohotkey - fast writing in chat 

This is a useful small programme that lets you enter pre-programmed words into the chat box with a press of a single or combination of keys. Firstly you need to download the programme ( ->HERE<- ). Once it is installed, you need to have a script file which you activate before you run VSK.

To get you started, you can download my own script file ->HERE<- which has a simple collection of handy chat entries in non-coloured text. It needs to be unzipped for use.

Before you launch the game, double-click the .ahk script file (I keep mine on my desktop) and then once in the multiplayer game try it out. Eg [Ctrl + G] should put 'Good winds' in the chat (dont forget NOT to press 'Enter'). The list of commands in my script is below; you can easily change it by editing the script file. You get a good help file with the programme.

Press the Control key with a letter key and the text will write to the chat box of the VSK window, if it is active. You should not press 'Enter' first, as you do normally.

Note that this script is for the 32nd America's Cup version of the game. Other versions need the reference changed to VSK5 or VSKOnline in the opening section by editing.

1:: Restart coming
2:: Restart & go at 1.30 approx
3:: no more restarts
4:: NPC - No Pen Cancel Race
5:: Cancel only wrong pens please
g:: Good winds
h:: Hi all :-)
l:: Last race here ....No next race
n:: NPC - No Pen Cancel Race
o:: Room to tack
p:: proper course please
r:: Room please
s:: Starboard
t:: tacking
w:: Water please
x:: thanks for racing

Graphic Settings 

Example settings on a desktop PC:

A question that is sometimes asked is: 'why can't I see the crew on my Acc?'.   The answer to this is that it's probably because the game has judged (having looked at the graphics capability of your PC)  that your graphics will struggle if the crew is displayed. This can affect either the crew on all the boats, or just the crew on the opposition boats.  

Game SettingsDisplay SettingsIf you want to see if it's possible to have the crew shown and still have good game performance, launch game, then click on Configure, then Advanced, then click Customise on the Display tab. Then go to the Game tab and change the drop-down menu for Team mates to have the game show all boats or just 'MyBoat'. Click OK and then Save.   You can offset the change you have made by reducing the settings on the other drop-down menus if you need to. Click the thumbnails to see the settings that work on my PC.



Why cant I see the hull?

Some models are made so that they can only be seen when your 'Boats Quality' is set to high.   To do this, launch the game and click on 'Configure' and then 'Advanced'.   You will probably see on the 'Game' tab that the Boat Quality is less than High.   Go back to the 'Display' tab and click on the 'Customise' box to tick it.   Then in the 'Game' tab you will be able to access the drop-down menus to change the 'Boat Quality' to High.  Click on 'OK', then 'Save'.   The hulls should now appear.   This issue affects the Orma but not necessarily every model which will be made.

How to see the Polars & Windshadows

Wind ShadowIf you look at the 1st page of Settings / Inputs, you will see that pressing Keys 8 & 9 will let you see 'Boat Curves' (Polar Diagram) and 'Wind Shadow'.   In fact you can't see these during solo or online play.   To see them you need to go to Editors and then Edit or Create a Race.   Once you have a course with at least a start & finish lines and four or more players, you should click on Play and you will then find that the keys for Boat Curves & Wind Shadows work in this mode.


How do I silence the menu music?

You can replace the media file (Intro01.bik) with a file with a silent sound track. The file is in the location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\VSK5\GameData\Menu\Media\BackgroundTexture. (Substitute your game version for VSK5 if necessary).
You can download a silent Intro01.bik >> HERE << (You willl need to unzip it before putting the file in the correct folder)

If you make a copy of the original (a good idea), then it is important NOT to save it in the same file folder, even if you re-name it. Two files in the folder will probably cause the game to crash.

Cancelling Penalties in online races

This system was introduced with the arrival of 32nd America's Cup & it continued into VSK5. It was intended to help when the VSK judge gets it wrong when awarding a pen.  So if both players were sure that an error had been made, they could agree to cancel it.  Of course it is difficult for a player to be clear-headed & unbiased about his/her own penalty, so some hosts do not allow Pen Cancels. If the race is 'NPC', (in the server name or as announced by the host in the chat), it means that the host does not want penalties cancelled and he may kick players who ask for a cancellation.
The keys to ask for & decide about Pen Cancels are :
C - Ask for cancellation of Penalty
Z - Agree to cancellation of Penalty
X - Refuse cancellation of Penalty.
P - Protest (used to ask VSK for judgement, if pens are set to manual mode - this is not common)
You can see & alter these keys in the settings/inputs menu in the game


An avatar is a small image which you choose to represent you during the races.
In the Settings menu, Click on the avatar at the top right of the screen to display the available avatars. Then, click on the avatar of your choice.

It is also possible to add your own avatar to the game by placing the appropriate files in the folder My Documents>Your Game Version> Skins>Avatars.
Use files with .dds or .jpg extensions (128x128 pixels) that are less than 8 KB in size.

Animated Avatars are possible. You can make an animated .gif file and convert it to a .bik file format with the free programme 'RAD Video Tools'. Keep the size of the .bik file less than 14KB.

Here is a YouTube Video showing the conversion of a .gif file to a .bik using Photoshop to save the gif and RAD Video Tools to do the conversion to bik.