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Successful hosting needs a stable fast (Broadband/adsl) internet connection.  Use a wired connection rather than Wi-fi.

You need to change the settings of your Router in order to allow hosting - this is called 'Port Forwarding'. VSK info comes and goes via ports 2350 and 3450. You need to tell the router to direct traffic on these ports to go to your computers IP address - this is the 'Local' IP address and it's different from the Router's own IP address.

Port Forwarding:
Each make of router has slightly different ways to do this. It's done via the web admin page of the Router. Some routers will recognise your computer by name. Others require that you tell the router the local IP address of the computer. If you need to tell the router the IP address, you will need make this address static, so that it does not change - otherrwise, the address will change each time to restart the computer.

You can find instructions for Port Forwarding at http://www.portforward.com/ a great site for help with this.

I made a tutorial video showing Port Forwarding for a BT Home Hub router. In this example, I have been able to identify the computer by name, so I haven't needed to make the Local IP address static. Other Routers will forward ports to the computer by using the IP address and in this case you will need to make the Local IP address Static - there is information about this below.

You can see this video here ...



Static Local IP Address:
If you need to make your computers's IP address static, you can see a tutorial about how to do this ...
For Windows 10 - here
For Windows 7 - here
There are also tutorials about this at http://www.portforward.com/ 

The basic priciple is that you use Windows Command Prompt to enter ipconfig /all
You then copy the following numbers in the Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection Heading:-
IPv4 Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DNS Servers
In the Network and Sharing Menu of your computer, use 'Change Adapter Settings' to find your Local Area Connection and use its properties to change the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to be the same as the numbers you have found above.

There are more details about this in the links above.


NAT warningNAT Warning in VSK:
If you use a router and are going to host on the internet,  a message will appear after you have selected your games, warning you that unless you have configured your NAT (Network Address Translation), other players will not be able to join your race.   This is a reminder to do this and does not mean that there is actually a problem, despite the way this is worded.   You will continue to see this message, even when your PC is correctly configured for hosting.



"I cant find my Race" - A common Problem

If you try to host a multiplayer race & can't find your course which you made in the editor then try the following tips...
1. Go back to edit the course & make a note of the number of spawn points (boats) you have created at the startline. Ensure it is at least 4 for a fleet race (2 for a match race).

2. Now go to host and get to the 'Create a Network Game' screen. Ensure that the Max Players number is the same as or less than the number of spawn points in your race. Make sure that the Race Mode is set correctly (Match, Team or Fleet) for your race's parameters.

3. If you still cant find the folder or race, go back to the 'Create a Network Game' screen and click on the Race Mode to cycle through all the options (Fleet > Match > Team > Fleet). Have another look for your race and it may be there now. (This is a bug I have seen sometimes).


Using a Guest List

The Guest List is a way of allowing your mates to join a race you are hosting, even if the race is full. This can be helpful but there are some problems:
* If the total number of boats in the fleet is more than the spawn points available at the start line, some boats will spawn on the same place.
* Radar Bug. Some boats (usually towards the back of the fleet) do not appear on the radar of other boats. This may occur in fleets which contain more than the spawn points in the race, but I'm not certain.
* The total fleet can be much bigger than the course is designed for, depending on how many guest-listed friends join. You have to allow for this when you decide how many boats to create a race for.

Making a Guest List:
* Find the guestlist.txt file in My documents/32nd America's Cup/Config
* Open it with Wordpad (NOT Notepad).
* Make a copy for insurance.
* Change or replace the text in the file & save.

To help you start, here is an example of a fictional guestlist.txt file. You can just replace the fictional skippers with the names of your mates. Just add new boats as needed - a new line for each. Dont forget to use Wordpad because Notepad will not work; at least that is the case for me. You need to use the players' login names for this (these are the ones that can be seen on the 'report abuse' & 'kick' lists in the game).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<player> <login>skipper1</login> </player>
<player> <login>skipper2</login> </player>
<player> <login>skipper3</login> </player>


Disconnects between races

If the races have intros, then sometimes players disconnect from your server when you select to go to the next race. This seems to be caused by the player escaping from the intro before the host. So to prevent this, the host needs to escape from the intro as soon as possible. It's a pity to miss the beautiful intro and its information but sometimes it's needed!


Hamachi Servers

The game can be hosted with a Virtual Private Network on a Hamachi Server. This is useful if there are internet connectivity issues for some skippers, or the Virtual Skipper home server is down. All the players and the hoster have to have the software up & running on their PCs to allow a player to join via Hamachi. The players find the games using the Multiplayer - LAN menu instead of the Internet option.

However a hoster can launch the hamachi programme but then create the race on the internet and then his race will be available for both internet & LAN skippers.

The following may be helpful if you have problems using Hamachi:

1.Normally you get the software from the main Hamachi site but the latest version will not work reliably with Virtual Skipper. Therefore only use the older version of the programme - Version - you may need to Google this to find it, although VSK-Nordic may have it available to download.

2. You should not need to alter any of the VSK5 Configuration menus to make it work (despite information I have seen elsewhere).

3. You may find this link helpful. It's to a Setup Help page.