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Welcome to Northspace
Information and files for VSK 5 and 32nd America's Cup
Virtual Sailing Games for the PC

VSK5 Official Site

Basic Information

There are three versions of the current VSK game:
* VSK5
* VSK5Online
* 32nd America's Cup

VSK5 requires you to pay to download it and will have all the features of the game.

VSK5Online is free to download and you can race online with the VSK5 players but there are some disadvantages:
* Playing Solo offline is disabled. It seems this remains disabled, even if you upgrade the game by paying the fee. So to do this, you need to pay for VSK5 & download it seperately.
* The race editor is disabled (the bit that lets you make your own race maps).
* If you use custom boat skins (your own hull design), then you can see it but the players online do not.
* Same for custom avatars
* There is an increasing delay in getting into the online race lobby, which reaches a maximum of 10 minutes.

32nd America's Cup is the previous version of the game. It can be patched to make it fully compatible with VSK5 and it will have the same features as VSK5, except for the apprearance of the menu screens and the boat skins that come with the game.

The original plans to charge an annual fee seem to have been dropped.


Patches for 32AC and VSK5 (necessary for online play)

The Patch installers are inside zip files. Download the one for your game version, unzip & launch the exe file to install the patch.

32nd America's Cup - Click here

VSK5 (the full game) - Click here

VSK5Online (the free download) - No patch is required for this game


File locations for different game versions

The game has its files in folders in two main locations on your PC. The basic game files are by default placed in your C Drive alongside your Program Files. In Windows Vista, this is
C:\Program Files (x86)\[Your Game Version]

Your personal game files (results, profiles, new boats etc) are placed inside your Documents Folder. In Windows Vista this is
C:\Users\[Your User Name]\Documents\[Your Game Version]

Many of the file locations mentioned in this website relate to the game version "32nd America's Cup", which is the version I use. So the file locations given in the pages of this site will need to be changed if you have another version:
* VSK5 (the full, paid for game)
Replace the '32nd America's Cup' part of folder & file address with 'VSK5'
* VSK5Online (the free download)
Replace the '32nd America's Cup' part of folder & file address with 'VSK5Online'


Problems with new Graphic Cards

 Some skippers report that they cannot play VSK after buying a new computer. This seems to be due to the Graphic Cards which cannot display VSK menus and prevent VSK being played.  There is a post on the Official Forum HERE with lists of cards which work and those which dont, based on reports from VSK Players. Please reply to this topic in that forum if you can add some more information.